image Rectangular with design of kingfishers on four sides.

Rectangular with design of kingfishers on four sides.

Jun Takegoshi

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Iroe (literally color painting in Japanese) is a technique in which a transparent glaze is applied and the piece glost-fired, then paint is applied over the glaze and the piece is fired again at a low temperature of approximately 800 degrees Celsius. It is also called uwae, or over-painting. The paint used in traditional iroe is known as wa-enogu (Japanese-style paint), and color choices include red, blue, yellow, green and purple. It is also possible to use yo-enogu (Western-style paint).

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image Jun Takegoshi

Jun Takegoshi

  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

I produce ceramics using the slab building technique. Mainly on square forms and shapes, I apply iroe (overglaze enamel painting), in which I aim to create an impression on the viewer by making ・・・

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