image Forged silver flower vessel. “Strait”

Forged silver flower vessel. “Strait”

Living National Treasures Yukie Osumi

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Osumi is a metalware artist who specializes in “tankin” or hammered vessels. She applies the traditional technique of “nunome-zogan” or textile imprint inlay.
This involves hammering metal leaf or wire into a fine, mesh-like grid incised into the surface of metal. She creates decorative and functional objects, such as vases and tea utensils. She likes to convey a sense of nature which is formless and flowing, and does so through her designs of wind, waves, clouds and streams.
This vase is hammered silver with nunome-zogan decoration in lead and gold.
The main theme is the huge eddying tides of Naruto Strait.
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    L30.3 W36.2 H24.5
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On an indented section of a wooden stand, a flat piece of metal is beaten with a wooden mallet so it can be bent. After this, variously shaped iron bars known as ategane are poked toward the wooden platform to create a form gradually. A piece of metal must be beaten tens of thousands of times to create a single finished work.

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In this technique, lines are carved into the surface of metal and different metals are inlaid in the carved-out lines, with the differences in the color and texture of metals creating the design. There are a variety of techniques such as hirazogan (flat inlay), in which flat sheets are inlaid to be the same height with the ground surface; takaniku zogan (high mounted inlay), where material is set on a high-relief metal ground; and nunome zogan (texture inlay), in which thin metal leaf is hammered into a carved pattern.

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Starting with a sheet of metal, you use a wide range of implements and beat it from both the front and the back many times to create a three-dimensional form. Some are highly pronounced three-dimensional forms, while others are shallow reliefs like those seen on brooches and kimono sash ornaments.

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image Yukie Osumi

Yukie Osumi

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On tankin (hammered) vessels and by applying the traditional techniques of chasing, mainly nunome-zogan (textile imprint inlay), OSUMI captures the feelings of nature with motifs of formless fl・・・

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