image White porcelain flower vessel with pale blue glaze. “Flame”

White porcelain flower vessel with pale blue glaze. “Flame”

Sofu Matsuo
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Seihakuji (blue-white porcelain), known in English as celadon, is produced using porcelain clay made from white stone. It is pottery that has been biscuit-fired and painted with a glaze containing a small amount of iron, which turns a bluish tint when fired again. This technique originated in China. There is also hakuji (white porcelain), which is painted with a glaze that turns transparent when fired, and seiji (blue porcelain), made with clay containing iron coated with a glaze that turns blue when fired.

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Sofu Matsuo

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  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

MATSUO grew up in Arita, the original city of ceramics, and from his infancy studied under Sofu the first; at the age of 20, to master the production of tea utensils, he moved to Hagi and studie・・・

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