photo Tohaku Miyachi

Tohaku Miyachi

The distinguishing features of MIYASHI’s work are the cutout patterns formed by a combination of painting on clay and the cutting of washi (traditional Japanese paper).



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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
    Saitama Artists Association
    Soka City Art Association


  • 1949
    Born in Sumida Ward, Tokyo
  • 1972
    Graduated from the Tokyo University of the Arts
  • 1984
    Established his kiln in Soka City
  • 1987
    Studied under the Living National Treasure, MATSUI Kosei
  • 1993
    Nominated as a full member, Japan Kogei Association
  • 1995
    Solo exhibition at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi main store
  • 1999
    Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition
  • 2007
    KOBE Biennale
  • 2009
    Kikuchi Biennale
  • 2012
    Contemporary Arts of the Tea Ceremony Exhibition


  • 1998
    Received the Board of Education Award at the Japanese
    Traditional Art Crafts New Works Exhibition
  • 2012
    Received the Excellence Award at the Contemporary Arts
    of the Tea Ceremony