photo Fujio Yamamoto

Fujio Yamamoto

Applying such techniques as hikimono (turning), magemono (bentwood work), and sashimono (joinery), I create many kinds of works. My objective is to create woodwork with originality.



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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
    Member, Saitama Artists Association


  • 1952
    Born in Kumagaya City to a wood turner
  • 1974
    Studied guitar-making for 8 years under NOBE Masaji
  • 2012
    Selected for the 59th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. His work was purchased by the Imperial Household Agency


  • 1996
    Received the Yamatane Museum of Art Award at the Eastern Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 2001
    Received the Saitama Artists Association President’s Award at the 63rd Saitama Prefectural Exhibition