photo Hiroyuki Yamamoto

Hiroyuki Yamamoto

YAMAMOTO applies a wickerwork weave technique involving skipping and crossing several whittled horizontal and vertical bamboo sticks; in particular, he is an expert at baskets produced by using the wave wickerwork weave technique, in which by changing the stick width, the woven pattern appears as a wave.



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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Associate member, Japan Kogei Association


  • 1961
    Born on February 21 in Ryujin Town, Hidaka County, Wakayama Prefecture (presently Ryujin Town, Tanabe City)
  • 2002
    Entered the bamboo-work class at the Nara Kintetsu Department Store Culture Salon in April
    (Lecturer: UENO Takashi, full member of the Japan Kogei Association)


  • 2007
    Selected for the 37th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition (First submission)
  • 2008
    Selected for the 38th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition
  • 2009
    Received the Best New Artist Award at the 56th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (First submission)
  • 2010
    Selected for the 40th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Exhibition
  • 2013
    Selected for the “Emerging Bamboo” Exhibition hosted by the TAI Gallery, USA
  • 2018
    Selected for the 65th Japanese Traditional Kogei Association exhibit