Yasushi Okada



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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
    Hagi Ceramic Artists Association


  • 1976
    Born in Hagi City
  • 2002
    Graduated from the Department of Art majoring in Sculpture at the Tokyo Zokei University
  • 2003
    Completed the Molding Course at the Kyoto Municipal Ceramics Vocational Training School
  • 2005
    Completed the Ceramics Course at the Kyoto Municipal Institute of Industrial Research
  • 2009
    Selected for the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition for the first time
  • 2012
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
    Studied under his father, OKADA Yu (Yamaguchi Prefectural Intangible Cultural Property Holder in Hagi Ware)
  • Public exhibitions
    Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition, Otaki Hokkaido Ceramics Exhibition, Kikuchi Biennale, TOBI, the Ceramic Art Society of Japan Exhibition, The Hagi Taishou (Grand Prix) of Contemporary Ceramics, Tanabe Museum of Art "Arts of the Tea Ceremony" Exhibition, Nishinippon Ceramic Arts Exhibition, Kobe Biennale, Chozasho Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Exhibition, Kyusyu Yamaguchi Ceramics Exhibition, Issuikai Ceramics Exhibition, Japan Kogei Association Exhibition of New Ceramic Works, Modern Tea Ceramics Exhibition