photo Ryoko Murakami

Ryoko Murakami

Pongee fabric weaving
・ Dyeing with plant dyes
・ MURAKAMI depicts scenes of nature on traditional kimono with unique compositions, designs and colors.
・ She uses such techniques as plain, ikat, and hatsuri weaving



  • Categories
  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
  • Status
    Living National Treasure
    (Important Intangible Cultural Property:Pongee weaving)


  • 1977
    Studied under SHIMURA Fukumi, a holder of
    important intangible cultural property
  • 1986
    Selected for 33rd Japan Traditional
    Art Crafts Exhibition (first time)
  • 1989
    Submitted to ""100 Selections of Contemporary
    Japanese Craft Exhibition,"" Mitsukoshi Etoile, Paris
  • 2002
    Solo exhibition ""Murakami Ryoko
    Textile Exhibition,"" Wako Hall, Ginza
  • 2004
    Judge, 51st Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
    (also 58th and 59th Exhibitions)
  • 2006
    Acknowledged as a holder of intangible cultural
    property designated by Kyoto Prefecture
  • 2007
    Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon
    Submitted to ""Crafting Beauty in Modern Japan:Celebrating Fifty
    Years of the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition,"" British Museum, London
  • 2014
    Submitted to ""Contemporary KŌGEI Styles in Japan,""
    Morikami Museum, Florida
  • Present
    Executive Director, Japan Kogei Association; Professor,
    Kurashiki University of Science and The Arts


  • 1988
    Received the Matsushita Award at the 17nd Traditional Art Crafts Kinki Branch Exhibition
  • 1989
    Received the Governor of Tokyo Prize at the
    36th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 2000
    Received the Chugoku Shimbun Award at the
    37th Japan Traditional Textile Arts Exhibition
  • 2002
    Received the Prince Takamatsu Memorial Prize at the
    49th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition