photo Norio Tamagawa

Norio Tamagawa



  • Categories
    Metal works
  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
  • Status
    Living National Treasure
    (Important Intangible Cultural Property:Wrought gold)


  • 1942
    Born in Niwazuki, Shitadamura, Niigata Prefecture, as the third son of the Ohashi family
  • 1955
    Adopted as the second son of the Tamagawa family, Tsubame City
  • 1959
    Graduated from Akita Municipal Polytechnic School
    Joined Gyokusendo and engaged in the family business
  • 1961
    Graduated from Sanjo Vocational High School
    (part-time course)
  • 1963
    Left for Tokyo. Studied as a live-in apprentice under
    SEKIYA Shiro, a living national treasure
    (tankin (hammering) technique)
  • 1965
    Returned home; re-joined Gyokusendo; worked as a managing director
    and senior managing director with his father and brother
  • 1967
    Submitted to Prefecture Exhibitions and Contemporary Crafts
    Niigata Association Exhibitions for several years
  • 1969
    Selected for 9th Japanese Traditional Art Crafts New
    Works Exhibition (first time)
    Selected for 16th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
    (first time)
  • 1983
    Selected and included in "30 Years of Modern Japanese Traditional Crafts"
  • 1987
    Judge, 34th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 1991
    Chosen for North Europe Touring "Japan's Traditional Crafts:Spirit and Technique"
  • 1993
    Selected and included in "40 Years of Modern Japanese Traditional Crafts"
  • 1996
    Resigned Gyokusendo. Devoted to artwork activities
  • 1997
    Held an exhibition "Breath of Hammering...," Keno Saty
  • 1998
    Held an exhibition "Iro-Gane…," Isetan Department Store, Niigata
  • 2000
    Held an exhibition "If You Hit and Hammer with a Smile...," Tsubame Gallery
  • 2002
    Reproduced Shosoin treasure (tankin)
  • 2003
    Held an exhibition "Tankin, Iro-Gane, Mokume-Gane,"
    Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum
  • 2004
    Held an exhibition "Atsu-gane, Irogane, Mokume-Gane,"
    Isetan Department Store, Niigata
  • 2005
    Works introduced on Tsubame City Internet Museum
    of Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum
  • 2010
    Holder of important intangible cultural property (tankin)
    Made an honorary citizen of Tsubame City
    Held an exhibition of works "A Return, Around the Time
    of a Teakettle Shop…," Tsubame Industrial Materials Museum
  • 2011
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association (Councillor)
    Councillor, Prefecture Exhibition
    Member, Tsubame Municipal Cultural Property Research Council


  • 1982
    Received the President of NHK Prize
    at the 29th Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
    Entry was delivered to the Agency for Cultural Affairs
  • 1986
    Received the Governor of Tokyo Prize
    at the 33rd Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 2002
    Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon
  • 2005
    Received the Excellence Award
    at the POLA Traditional Culture Awards
  • 2010
    Received the Niigata Nippo Culture Award
    (Arts Category)
  • 2012
    Received the Order of the Rising Sun,
    Gold Rays with Rosette