photo Yoshiaki Taguchi

Yoshiaki Taguchi

To give coloration I use natural materials that are the blessings of nature, and I also apply the maki-e (sprinkled picture decoration) and raden (mother-of-pearl inlay) techniques to depict animals and plants.


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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
    Japan Kogei Association, Full member
    Pilot Corporation, Special adviser for the Kokkokai
    Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Research associate
    Tohoku University of Art and Design, Special instructor
    Kagawa Lacquer Research, Instructor
    Ishikawa Wajima Lacquer Techniques Research, Instructor
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  • 1958
    Born in Tokyo
  • 1977
    Studied Maki-e under his father TAGUCHI Yoshikuni (Living National Treasure)
  • 1978
    Studied basic Kyushitsu under MASUMURA Mashiki (Living National Treasure)
  • 1985
    First selection for the 32nd Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition. Has been successively selected to date
  • 1993
    Received the Japan Kogei Association Incentive Award at the 40th Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition (also in 1997)
  • 1996
    Received the Governor of Tokyo Prize at the 43rd Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 2002
    Received the Excellence Award at the 13th MOA Mokichi Okada Awards
  • 2008
    Received the Purple Ribbon Medal
  • 2015
    Received the Kikuchi Kanjitsu Prize for Contemporary Japanese Crafts at the Musee Tomo
  • 2017
    Selected for the Animals, Animals, Animals permanent collection of the National Museum of Modern Art Crafts Gallery
    Selected for the 33rd Treasures of the Heisei Era at the Yakushiji Temple
  • 2018
    Selected for the Contemporary Lacquer Exhibit at the Japan Museum SieboldHuis in the Netherlands
    Selected for the URUSHI Tradition and Innovation Exhibit at the Ishikawa Prefectural Museum of Art, Yokohama Sogo and MOA Museum of Art
    Selected for the Japonismes Exhibit at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris