Eiko Serikawa

I carve and color paulownia-wood. When finishing with gofun (crushed seashell powder) I apply my own technique, and when using fabrics, I figure out a variety of ways to match the theme of the particular wooden doll I am working on.



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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association
    President, Tosaikai


  • 1928
    Born in Bunkyo Ward, Tokyo
  • 1949
    Graduated from the Department of Japanese at the Japan Women’s University
  • 1954
    Studied under HIRATA Goyo. Began producing dolls soon after commencement
  • 1966
    Selected for the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 1969
    Became a full member at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 1970
    Judge at the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition
  • 1992
    Received the Medal with Purple Ribbon
  • 1999
    Received the Order of the Precious Crown, Wistaria
  • 2005
    Published the “Scintillating Life – the Beauty of Wood-carved Dolls: the Collected Works of Eiko Serikawa”, Shogakukan
    Held numerous solo exhibitions


  • 1957
    Received a Special Commendation at the Asahi Contemporary Dolls Exhibition
  • 1967
    Received the Excellence Award at the Exhibition of New Works of Traditional Art Crafts