photo Hirohisa Ogawa

Hirohisa Ogawa

OGAWA creates simple and practical ware with functional beauty by making good use of the characteristics of various traditional glazes including Hai-gusuri (wood ash glaze), Oribe-gusuri (green Oribe ash glaze), and Kizeto (yellow matted ash glaze).


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  • Honors and Affiliation
    Full member, Japan Kogei Association


  • 1948
    Born in Tokyo. Grew up in Wakamatsu Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka Prefecture
  • 1967
    Member of Chuo University Pottery Study Club
  • 1971
    Graduated from Department of International Economics, Faculty of Economics, Chuo University
    Started studying old ceramics by exploring old kiln sites such as Karatsu and Seto
  • 1973
    Graduated from the Seto Vocational School of Pottery
    Studied under 6th MIZUNO Hanjiro at Seto Hongyogama
  • 1975
    Chairman of Ceramics Training Center, Iligan Institute of Technology, Mindanao State University (as a member of Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers)
  • 1978
    Travelled around Southeast Asia and Nepal, visiting Villages known for producing Potteries, Handicrafts and Old kiln sites.
  • 1979
    Established the KazeGama in Shoujinba, Ii, Motegi Town, Tochigi Prefecture
  • 1986
    “Contemporary Japanese Traditional Ceramics Exhibition” Japan Foundation Exhibitions Abroad Program
    “Rice Bowl Exhibition” at the Craft Center Japan
  • 1988
    Relocated to Ushirokura, Ii, Motegi Town
  • 1991
    Full member of Japan Kogei Association
  • 1993
    “Contemporary Ceramics – Utsuwa Ko” at Museum of Modern Art Saitama
  • 1996
    Instructor for Northern Ceramic Development Center, Thailand (as a Specialist of Japan International Cooperation Agency)
  • 1997
    Guest Pottery at the Northern Kanto Ceramic Exhibition
  • 1999
    “2nd Mashiko Ceramics Competition - Hamada Shoji Award Winner Exhibition” at Ceramic Art Messe Mashiko
  • 2000
    “Door of Thousand Years” Exhibition at Tochigi Prefectural Museum of Fine Arts
  • 2001
    Recommended Artist at the Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition
    “Japan 2001” at Rufford Craft Centre Gallery, UK
  • 2010
    “6x6 Ceramics Invitational” at New Hampshire Institute of Art, USA


  • 1985
    Received the Excellence Award and the Minister of Education, Science and Culture Prize at the 8th Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition
  • 1991
    Received the Excellence Award and the Minister of Education, Science and Culture Prize at the 11th Japanese Ceramic Arts Exhibition. Received the Incentive Award at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition
  • 1996
    Received the Special Prize at the Northern Kanto Ceramic Exhibition
  • 1997
    Received the Japan Folk Crafts Museum Award at the Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition
  • 1998
    Received the Hamada Shoji Award at the 2nd Mashiko Ceramics Competition
  • 2000
    Received the Cultural Incentive Award for the year 1999 from the Tochigi Cultural Association