photo Zogan


When using the zogan (damascening or inlaying) technique, you carve into the surface of the pottery, and then inlay clay of other colors into the carved-out areas to make a design. After inlaying the clay, apply a glaze and then glost-fire it, and it's complete.


Facts about zogan

Zogan, known in English as damascening or inlaying, is originally a technique often used in metalworking and woodworking.

Did you know?

Because different colors are produced with clay itself rather than by painting designs of the surface of the vessel, the design jumps out dramatically.


How to make zogan

  1. (1) Carve a design into the surface of the clay
  2. (2) Inlay clay of different colors into the carved-out areas
  3. (3) Carve off bits of excess clay and biscuit-fire
  4. (4) Apply several glazes, glost-fire, and it's complete!
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