Ceramic inlay

photo Ceramic inlay


When using the zogan or ceramic inlay technique, the surface of the pottery is carved and then clay of other colors is inlaid in the carved-out areas to make a design. After the clay is inlaid, a glaze is applied, the piece is glaze fired, and it is complete. This technique is originally used for metalworking and woodworking. Because the design is produced with clay rather than being painted on the surface of the vessel, it stands out dramatically.


  1. 1.A design is carved into the surface of the clay.
  2. 2.Different colored clays are inlaid into the carved-out areas.
  3. 3.Bits of excess clay are shaved off and the piece is bisque fired.
  4. 4.Several glazes are applied, and the pottery is glaze fired and complete.
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