photo Neriage


Neriage is made by kneading together or piling up different colors of clay. All sorts of patterns can be produced depending on the method used to combine the clay colors, with cross-sections of kneaded clay appearing on the surface of the ceramics.


Did you know?

Different colors of clay contain different elements, and you have to take care to make sure it doesn't break or come loose. The finished pottery will have the same pattern on its exterior and its interior.


How to make neriage

  1. (1) Pile up alternating thin layers of blue and white clay
  2. (2) Make the clay an even height and cut it
  3. (3) Shape the clay into a large cylinder
  4. (4) A pattern will be formed on the end of the large cylinder
  5. (5) Cut it to a thickness suitable for a dish
  6. (6) Place it on a mold and round it off into a dish shape
  7. (7) Make the shape neat, and biscuit fire the piece
  8. (8) Apply a glaze that turns transparent when fired. Glost-fire it, and you're finished!
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