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Hasamiyaki or Hasami ware is a style of porcelain produced and sold mainly in Hasami Town, Higashi-Sonogi County, Nagasaki Prefecture. In the Edo period, the area produced comprador bottles to export sake (rice wine) and shoyu (soy sauce) and kurawanka bowls for the common people, and in the late Edo period, the ceramic production volume was the highest in Japan. Today, immensely popular, well-designed, and functional products are produced in large quantities by such companies as Hakusan Porcelain and Isshingama, both recipients of Good Design Awards. It is characterized by its white porcelain and appealing and tasteful cobalt blue designs; perfect pieces for cherishing in the hand. During the annual Hasamiyaki Festival, porcelain aficionados gather from all over Japan.


Production Areas

Hasami, Kawatana, and Higashi-Sonogi Towns, Higashi-Sonogi County in Nagasaki Prefecture

Sights to See

Hasami Town Ceramics Center (Website)

・Hasami Ceramics Festival (Held in May every year. About 130 potteries and trading companies set up their booths. The festival is a mecca for many ceramics fans.)