photo Mashikoyaki


Mashikoyaki or Mashiko ware is a style of ceramics produced and sold mainly in Mashiko Town, Haga County, Tochigi Prefecture. The kilns were opened in the last days of the Tokugawa regime, and became the domain's official kiln. Mashiko bottles and tableware were widely used in kitchens of the Edo period. Presently, being close to the Tokyo Metropolitan area, both young and international ceramists have set up kilns, and works with a diverse range of color tones and new modern designs are being produced. It is characterized by a slightly rough texture from the sandy clay dug in the Mashiko area. The ceramics are fairly thick and chunky with a firm fit in the hand. In spring and autumn, the Mashiko Grand Ceramic Fair is held; the area is a popular resort spot visited by more than 2 million tourists every year.


Production Areas

Mashiko, Ichikai, and Motegi Towns, Haga County, and Mooka City in Tochigi Prefecture

Sights to See

Mashiko Ceramics Fair (Held in spring and autumn every year. An event with about 50 shops and some 500 outdoor stalls in marquees)

Mashiko no Mori (31 ha of beautiful hills and countryside for walking and relaxation)