Toso dolls

photo Toso dolls


Toso dolls are made with toso, a modeling material made of paulownia sawdust mixed with paste, around a paulownia wood core. The material can be fashioned freely while still soft so all kinds of forms can be made. It is important to dry thoroughly so that the form does not get distorted later.


  1. 1.The head, body, arms, and legs are shaped out of toso and left to dry.
  2. 2.Traditional Japanese paper is attached to the head and legs, the surface is coated with gofun (crushed white seashell) to whiten the surface. It is then polished, and the hair and face is painted.
  3. 3.Grooves are cut into the body based on the future kimono shape. Then the edges of the clothing are placed in the grooves.
  4. 4.The arms and legs are attached to the body and the doll is complete.
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