Metalwork is the art of crafting things with metal. There are many different types of metalwork like cutlery, ironware, copperware, cast iron, and inlay. This category differs from the rest because the materials used are not like those used for other crafts.
Metal can be shaped through melting, beating, or carving. Metalwork techniques are often utilized today to make tea kettles, metal fittings, Buddhist statues, knives, and display pieces.


  • 1 Selecting a metal
  • 2-1 Creating forms by melting

    Casting makes use of the fact that metal melts at high temperatures. Molten metal is poured into molds and allowed to cool and harden. There are several types of molds, including rogata wax molds, sogata clay molds, and komegata sectioned molds. The process of making the molds is the most important part of casting.

  • 2-2 Creating forms by beating

    Smithing is when the metal is heated and then beaten, making it stretch and spread out. As naturally metal is very hard, this process is repeated over and over.

  • 3 Applying decorative designs

    A special kind of sharply pointed chisel called a cold chisel is used to carve lines of various designs or inlay metal into carved areas.

Artistic techniques


Creating forms by melting


Creating forms by beating

Metal carving

Applying decorative designs

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