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First you surround a form made with wax with a casting material, mixed with sand or clay, to make a mold. Then you heat the mold until all the wax melts out of it (the lost wax method). Next, you pour molten metal into the mold, and when it cools you destroy the mold. Since the wax that originally filled the mold disappears, you are left with a metal object with the same shape as the original wax one.


Did you know?

The wax mold process can be used to make more complex forms than other mold-making processes, and these forms can be given the warm, smooth qualities of wax.


How to make a wax mold

  1. (1) Fashion wax into the shape you want to produce.
  2. (2) Create a hole at the bottom where the molten metal will be poured in.
  3. (3) Box in the wax form, and pour casting material around it to create the mold.
  4. (4) After melting the wax, pour in molten metal, and then remove the casting material around it.
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