photo Sogata


A mixture of clay and sand is shaped by rotating a board with a cutout outline that is a cross-section of the final shape. This technique is used to make tea kettles for the tea ceremony, temple bells and other circular, symmetrical objects. After removal from the mold, a kettle can be heated and painted with lacquer and ohaguro (a coating used in the old days to blacken one's teeth) to produce a uniquely beautiful finish.



How to make

  1. (1) Rotate a board with a cutout shape to shape a mixture of sand and clay
  2. (2) Use a spatula to make decorative designs on the clay before it dries
  3. (3) Push the clay inward, and pour metal into the space created
  4. (4) Break the mold, and remove the kettle from inside it
  • "What Are Traditional Crafts? -A Guidebook to Seeing, Learning, and Enjoying-" Edited by the Japan Kogei Association Eastern Branch. Published by Unsodo / List of works English translation: Kazuko Todate (Art critic / Art historian)


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