photo Embossing


Starting with a sheet of metal, you use a wide range of implements and beat it from both the front and the back many times to create a three-dimensional form. Some are highly pronounced three-dimensional forms, while others are shallow reliefs like those seen on brooches and kimono sash ornaments.



How to do embossing

  1. (1) Transfer the outline of the desired shape to a piece of metal
  2. (2) Heat the metal, and use a burin to draw the shape
  3. (3) Cut out the finished shape
  4. (4) Polish down the surface, inlay the pattern, add color, and it's complete!
  • "What Are Traditional Crafts? -A Guidebook to Seeing, Learning, and Enjoying-" Edited by the Japan Kogei Association Eastern Branch. Published by Unsodo / List of works English translation: Kazuko Todate (Art critic / Art historian)


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