photo Nambutekki


Nambu Tekki ironware is produced and sold mainly in the cities of Morioka and Oshu in Iwate Prefecture. Ironware production is said to have started in the Edo period when the lord of the Morioka domain invited tea kettle artisans from Kyoto; soon such daily necessities as iron tea kettles, wind-chimes, and pots became popular. It also has a strong connection with the Hiraizumi Culture of the late Heian period. On the surface of the ironware, colorless urushi lacquer is applied as an antirust measure, and the inside is baked with bincho charcoal. It is appreciated for the way its texture and character develops over many years of use. Good thermal conduction makes it popular with cooks. Currently it is increasingly in vogue in Western countries, and colored iron kettles are also now produced.


Production Areas

Morioka and Oshu Cities in Iwate Prefecture

Sights to See

Morioka Castle Site Park (The ruins of the Morioka Castle are now used as a park. A wide variety of trees and flowers display the four seasons.)