photo Takaokadoki


Takaoka Doki copperware is produced and sold in Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture. In the Edo period, the Lords of the Kaga domain encouraged craftwork and the manufacturing of industrial products. At first, articles for daily use and farming tools were produced, but with the application of karakane imono chasing their artistic evaluation grew, making them popular as gifts or for interior decoration, e.g. flower vases or small decorative objects. Its key feature is the attractive chased decoration known as chokin, created by using a variety of different chisels to cut lines, planes, and patterns. The ever popular Takaoka Doki now accounts for 90% of the copperware production in Japan.


Production Areas

Takaoka City in Toyama Prefecture

Sights to See

The Great Buddha of Takaoka (Made of Takaoka copper, it is a symbol of the town and is known as one of the three great Buddha statues in Japan.)

Zuiryuji Temple (A Zen temple style typical of the early Edo period is maintained. The lecture hall, Buddha hall, and temple gate were designated as national treasures; the first such awards given to Toyama Prefecture.)