Other Crafts


Other kinds of art crafts include glass art, cloisonné enamelling (shippo), inkstone carving (calligraphy inkstones), gem carving, decorative metal cutting, and ivory carving.

All of them have a long history and rich, distinctive traditions, and they are placed in the category "Other Crafts" at the prestigious Japan Kogei Association Exhibition.

Artistic techniques


The raw material of silica sand is placed in a high-temperature kiln, melted, and designs are carved into the resulting glass.


The technique of shippo or cloisonné consists of a glass-like glaze being applied on a metal framework before being fired in a kiln.

Gem carving

Gem carving or gyoku involves carving naturally patterned hard stones like agate or various crystals.

Inkstone carving

An inkstone (suzuri in Japanese), which will be used for calligraphy, is a raw stone that is carved using a chisel and polished with a whetstone.

Decorative metal leaf

Kirikane or decorative metal leaf is a technique of cutting delicate designs with lines or squares in metal leaf and attaching them with adhesive to a base.

Ivory carving

Ivory (called zouge in Japanese), from mostly elephant tusks, is carved into various shapes such as animals, and dyed with plant-based dyes.

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