Wired cloisonné

photo Wired cloisonné


This is the basic technique of shippo (cloisonné). It is called yusen-shippo or wired cloisonné because wire-like lengths of silver are used to trace compartments in which enamel paint colors will be applied. The surface's deep luster is achieved by applying layer after layer of enamel, and firing between each layer.


  1. 1.A vessel is formed out of copper or silver.
  2. 2.An underglaze is applied and the piece is fired. A design is created with silver wires and the piece is fired again to affix them.
  3. 3.Enamel glaze is applied inside the compartments created by the wires.
  4. 4.The piece is fired in an electric kiln at about 850℃ (1562℉), smoothed with a whetstone, and completed.
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