photo Shotaishippo


This technique is the same as yusen-shippo except that at the end the metal (copper) vessel acting as a base is dissolved with acid so that only the enameled surface remains. In shippo, the base metal that acts as backing is known as tai, and sho means to omit, which is the origin of the word shotai-shippo.


Did you know?

In the shotai-shippo, the metal backing disappears and only the silver compartment outlines and glass sections remain. Pieces made with this technique are beautiful because of the way the silver glistens amid the transparent glass surroundings.


How to make shotai-shippo

  1. (1) Make compartments with silver wires on top of a copper backing, and apply glaze in the compartments
  2. (2) After firing to fix these materials to the surface, apply vinyl chloride-based resin to protect the surface
  3. (3) Soak the piece in acid to dissolve the copper backing. Remove the protective film, polish the piece and it's done!
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