Pâte de verre

photo Pâte de verre


Pâte de verre is a technique in which a form is fashioned from clay, which is then used as the basis for a plaster mold. Powdered glass of differing colors and sizes is mixed with a special kind of paste. This blend is put into the plaster mold and fired. Heat causes the grains of glass to melt and take on the form of the mold. Then the piece is slowly cooled, removed from the mold, and completed. Pieces possess a translucency and a unique pale glow because of fine bubbles that penetrate the entirety of the glass.


  1. 1.The clay is shaped into the desired form.
  2. 2.A plaster mold is made around this shape.
  3. 3.The clay is removed from the mold. A blend of paste and glass grains is poured in its place and heated in an electric furnace.
  4. 4.After it cools, the mold is removed and the piece is complete.
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