photo Edokiriko


Edo Kiriko, cut glass ware, is produced and sold throughout the Tokyo region; Edo Kiriko emulating British-made cut glass first appeared in the Edo period. In the Meiji period, Western style cutting and engraving techniques were introduced, and the present-day delicate cutting technique was developed. Pieces are characterized by the sparkling prismatic light created by skilled and exquisite cutting. In addition, the color glass layer is thin with crisp and vivid color combinations. Many pieces feature designs drawn from the Japanese traditional patterns found on kimono. Edo Kiriko enjoys great popularity at home and abroad as sake drinking sets and summer tableware.


Production Areas

Koto, Sumida, Edogawa, Katsushika, and Ota Wards in Tokyo; and Kanagawa, Chiba, Saitama, and Ibaraki Prefectures

Sights to See

Skytree (634 meters of Skytree. Enjoy the tower, the views, and the wonders of Tokyo.)

Edo Kiriko Showroom (About 200 products and artworks of Edo Kiriko are displayed.)