Nagaita chugata

photo Nagaita chugata


For Edo komon, fine, delicate designs are applied to silk, but the technique of Nagaita chugata involves making larger designs on cotton yukata (informal summer kimono) using a board about 6.5 meters long (about 21.3 feet). The word nagaita means long board, and chugata means medium-sized pattern.
This is a traditional Japanese technique in which paste is applied to both sides of a white cloth, and then both sides are dyed with a crisp indigo pattern.


  1. 1.Cotton fabric is stretched over a long board and a pattern is stenciled on both sides of the fabric with a reddish dye resistant paste.
  2. 2.A solution of ground soybeans in water is applied to both sides of the fabric with a brush.
  3. 3.The entire fabric is dyed by dipping in a vat of indigo.
  4. 4.The reddish paste is washed out in water, and the indigo patterns appear. The kimono is complete.
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