photo Nagaitachugata


In Edo komon, minute, delicate designs are applied to silk, but the technique of nagaita chugata involves making larger designs on cotton yukata (an informal summer kimono) using a board about 6.5 meters long (the word nagaita means long board, and chugata means medium-sized pattern). Nagaita chugata is a traditional Japanese technique in which paste is applied to both sides of a white cloth, and then both sides are dyed with a crisp indigo pattern.



How to dye fabric with nagaita chugata

  1. (1) Stretch cotton fabric over a long board and stencil a pattern on both sides of the fabric with a reddish resistant paste
  2. (2) Use a brush to apply a solution of ground soybeans in water to both sides of the fabric
  3. (3) Dye the entire fabric by dipping it in a vat of indigo
  4. (4) Wash the reddish paste out in water, and the indigo pattern appears. It's done!
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