photo Katae-zome


In katae-zome, an underpainting is stuck to a sturdy piece of washi paper that has been tanned in astringent juice, and then the picture is cut out to make a stencil. Resist paste is then repeatedly applied in cutout parts of the stencil to make a repeating pattern, and dye applied to create the colors of the design.


Did you know?

Fabric dyed with katae-zome is fascinating for the dramatic sharp edges created by the stencils and for the intricacy of the repeating patterns.


How to dye fabric with katae-zome

  1. (1) Draw an underpainting for the design, and copy it on to thin paper
  2. (2) Stick the thin paper onto sturdy tanned washi paper, and cut out the design to make a stencil
  3. (3) Place the stencil on top of fabric stretched over a board, and apply paste
  4. (4) Apply color to the non-pasted areas with a small brush. Once it has dried, wash out the fabric and it's finished!
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