photo Kagayuzen


Kagayuzen, dyed textiles, are produced and sold mainly in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Based on the okunizome dyeing technique which prospered in the Kaga domain in the mid-Edo period, MIYAZAKI Yuzensai, who developed Kyoyuzen, late in his life spread the Yuzen technique in the Kaga domain; it was then developed as Kagayuzen. With deeper and quieter colors (five colors of Kaga) than Kyoyuzen, they are renowned for their realistic designs, mainly floral patterns. The gorgeous embroidery and gold leaf of Kyoyuzen are not used; rather such picturesquely named techniques as worm-eaten leaves and gradation from the outside are applied as parts of a typical Kagayuzen design. At present, avant-garde projects have been initiated such as collaboration with the Kawaii (cute) Culture, now popular overseas.


Production Areas

Kanazawa City in Ishikawa Prefecture

Sights to See

Kenroku-en (Covering some 110,000 square meters. Ranked among the top three outstanding gardens in Japan, some people rate Kenroku-en as the No. 1 garden.)

Kaga Yuzen Traditional Industry Center (A chance to pose in a Kaga Yuzen kimono and have your picture taken; or why not try your hand at hand-drawing Yuzen.)