Kyoyuzen, dyed textiles, are produced and sold mainly in Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture. Although the dyeing technique was already developed in the Heian period, it was not until the Edo period that the definitive expression of Yuzen dyeing was established by MIYAZAKI Yuzensai, a popular painter of folding fans. They are known for their brilliant coloration, graphic flower and bird patterns, and the inclusion of classical designs. In addition, embroidery and gold leaf are used to give a gorgeous finish. Kyoyuzen is divided into two types: hand-drawn Yuzen practiced from the Edo period; and kata or stencil-dyed Yuzen introduced in the Meiji period.


Production Areas

Kyoto, Uji, Kameoka, Joyo, and Muko Cities, and Kumiyama Town, Kuse County in Kyoto Prefecture

Sights to See

Fushimi Inari Taisha Shrine (The Grand Shrine of Inari shrines)

The Phoenix Hall of the Byodoin (A temple noted for its connection with the Fujiwara clan; registered as a World Heritage Site.)