photo Sashimono

Sashimono(Japanese wood joinery)

The first step is to cut pieces of wood accurately, taking the combinations of wood grain into account. Then, wood is planed or carved away to create protrusions or indentations that act as joints, which are stuck together at right angles to make items such as boxes. Japanese wood joinery is done without using nails or any other metal hardware.



How to do Japanese wood joinery

  1. (1) Cut the required number of pieces of wood
  2. (2) Create joints so that the parts will fit together neatly
  3. (3) Join the pieces together to make the whole
  4. (4) Coat it with lacquer, and it's finished!
  • "What Are Traditional Crafts? -A Guidebook to Seeing, Learning, and Enjoying-" Edited by the Japan Kogei Association Eastern Branch. Published by Unsodo / List of works English translation: Kazuko Todate (Art critic / Art historian)


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