photo Kumimono


In this technique, multiple plaited elements are created and then joined together. A plaiting style called kushime-ami (comb-teeth plaiting), where fairly thick, strong strips are evenly spaced, is used to create the form, and then the edges are hemmed with rattan bark, to create each part. More complex and polygonal forms can be created with this technique, utilizing the straight lines and curves of bamboo.

Did you know?

A handle added to the completed work makes it seem connected to the interior around it.


How to do kumimono

  1. (1) Plait strips of bamboo to create individual parts
  2. (2) Join the parts to one another and fix them in place
  3. (3) Hem the edges and fix them in place
  4. (4) Coat them with lacquer, and you're done!
  • "What Are Traditional Crafts? -A Guidebook to Seeing, Learning, and Enjoying-" Edited by the Japan Kogei Association Eastern Branch. Published by Unsodo / List of works English translation: Kazuko Todate (Art critic / Art historian)


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