photo Kumimono


In kumimono which is a form of bamboo basketry, multiple plaited bamboo elements are created and then joined together. A plaiting style called kushime-ami or comb-teeth plaiting, where fairly thick, strong strips are evenly spaced, is used to create the form. Then the edges are hemmed with rattan bark in order to create each part. More complex, polygonal forms can be created with this technique, thanks to the natural form of bamboo which is both straight and curved.
A handle can be added after the piece has been completed.


  1. 1.Strips of bamboo are plaited to create the parts.
  2. 2.The parts are joined and fastened together.
  3. 3.The bamboo edges are hemmed and secured.
  4. 4.The piece is coated with lacquer and completed.
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