image White porcelain bowl.

White porcelain bowl.

Shunemon Okugawa

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Seihakuji (blue-white porcelain), known in English as celadon, is produced using porcelain clay made from white stone. It is pottery that has been biscuit-fired and painted with a glaze containing a small amount of iron, which turns a bluish tint when fired again. This technique originated in China. There is also hakuji (white porcelain), which is painted with a glaze that turns transparent when fired, and seiji (blue porcelain), made with clay containing iron coated with a glaze that turns blue when fired.

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image Shunemon Okugawa

Shunemon Okugawa

  • Ceramic
  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

Shunemon’s works are characterized by beautiful forms that only an artist who has kept pursuing wheel shaping is able to create. His finished works with decorative engraving are often so thin th・・・

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