image Kimono of tsumugi. “Dazzle”

Kimono of tsumugi. “Dazzle”

Living National Treasures Ryoko Murakami

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This is a type of silk weave done with spun silk threads. Pongee's surface is not as smooth or glossy as that of silk woven with raw silk threads, and it has a plainer, more casual look. Traditionally it was often woven in striped or kasuri patterns, but recently it is possible to produce a wide range of gradations and other designs using various types of dyed threads.

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image Ryoko Murakami

Ryoko Murakami

  • Textiles
  • / Living National Treasures
  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

Pongee fabric weaving ・ Dyeing with plant dyes ・ MURAKAMI depicts scenes of nature on traditional kimono with unique compositions, designs and colors. ・ She uses such techniques as plain, ・・・

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