image Box with kinma. “Summer mountain with fresh green foliage”

Box with kinma. “Summer mountain with fresh green foliage”

Living National Treasures Yoshito Yamashita

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There are three basic variations on this technique: cutting lines, cutting dots, and cutting a combination of the two. All of them employ a special carving blade known as a kinma-ken. Originally all kinma was done by cutting lines only, but it later became possible to produce complex designs using various colored Urushi and a variety of cutting techniques. Kinma is said to have been transmitted from Southeast Asia hundreds of years ago.

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image Yoshito Yamashita

Yoshito Yamashita

  • Lacquerware
  • / Living National Treasures
  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

The characteristics of the kinma (incised and colour-filled decoration) technique are the painstaking repetition of wide-ranging engraving and color filling. This process with its dozens of laye・・・

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