image Box of flower patterns in red cloth and shell

Box of flower patterns in red cloth and shell

Kiyomi Okukubo

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A form is made with clay, and then plaster is used to make a mold in that shape. Linen is affixed to the mold with Urushi, layered to the required thickness, and then the mold is removed. Further coats of Urushi are applied after that. The linen fibers are strengthened when the Urushi soaks into them, and the end result is sturdy, although the linen can be shaped with a great degree of freedom.


Raden is a decorative craft that uses the iridescent parts of seashells such as abalone, turban shells, and pearl oysters, which are shaved down very thin. Ra means “a spiral shell” and den means “to decorate.” The technique was conveyed to Japan from China about 1,300 years ago, and marvelous examples can be seen in the treasures at Shoso-in Temple in Nara.

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image Kiyomi Okukubo

Kiyomi Okukubo

  • Lacquerware
  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

Lacquer sap is collected by making many deep cuts into lacquer tree trunks and precisely for that reason, I wish to show my respect and appreciation for this gift of nature by making the maximum・・・

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