Teruo Ikoma

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Yuzen-zome is one of Japan's best-known traditional dyeing processes. It involves drawing designs on white fabric with paste and dyeing it multiple colors. After the fabric has been cut into a kimono shape, an underpainting is drawn in a dye called aobana-eki (blue flower liquid) that washes out without leaving a trace. Thread paste is then applied over the lines of the underpainting, creating masked-off lines that prevent color from mixing. Then, the areas of color are filled in. Finally the paste is washed out. In the style known as itome-yuzen it leaves fine white lines where it had been, while in sekidashi-yuzen the entirety of the fabric is dyed so that no white lines remain.

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Teruo Ikoma

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Tokyo yuzen has grace and refinement with an urban sense of style, and since the Edo period has developed to meet demand for expressing an elegant aesthetic sense of chic, and a taste for the si・・・

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