Norihiko Ogura

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Maki-e is a distinctively Japanese Urushi work technique that is said to have developed around 1,200 years ago. It involves using a fine brush to paint a picture with lacquer on the surface of a vessel, and then sprinkling gold powder on the surface before the Urushi dries to create a design. The word maki means “to sprinkle” and e means “picture.” There are various styles including togidashi maki-e, hira maki-e, and taka maki-e.

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image Norihiko Ogura

Norihiko Ogura

  • Lacquerware
  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

Mainly applying the kanshitsu (dry-lacquer) technique, OGURA produces his works with motifs of flowers and natural scenery. He employs raden (mother-of-pearl inlay) and maki-e (sprinkled pict・・・

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