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An inkstone is used for rubbing charcoal to create ink, which is used for writing characters with a brush in Japanese calligraphy. It is an extremely important stationery supply, as the process of rubbing the charcoal with the stone calms the mind before writing. To turn a rough stone into an inkstone, you carve it into its basic shape and then use a long-handled chisel to create the flat surface for rubbing the charcoal and the indentation where the ink collects. Lacquer or wax is applied to the finished product. Some of the most popular types of stone for making inkstones are amahata (slate) from Yamanashi Prefecture, akama (volcanic tuff) from Yamaguchi Prefecture, and horaiji (shale or slate) from Aichi Prefecture.


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Hozan Nagura

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As stone materials I use kimpo-seki, engan-seki, and homei-seki, collected around Kadoya, and the suzuri (ink stone) made of these three types of stone are called “Horaiji Suzuri.”  Not on・・・

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