image Nerikomi Porcelain 「waterfall」

Nerikomi Porcelain 「waterfall」

Eiji Murofushi

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The incentive behind this work was a desire to remember the movements of formless of objects and organic phenomena in a visible form. The sense of transparency found in water and wind is transferred across to highly translucent kaolin, and the energy of water flowing down is expressed by fluctuations in colored clay kneaded in line with the body of the vessel, which has been produced with undulation. I also want people to sense the passing of time, moment by moment, through capturing changing light from the surroundings.
This specially developed porcelain clay is unglazed, but it has a unique surface structure that is impervious to dirt. I also hope that as a bowl this piece will forever stay close to one’s heart.
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    H25.0 W45.0 D35.0cm
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Neriage is made by kneading together or piling up different colors of clay. All sorts of patterns can be produced depending on the method used to combine the clay colors, with cross-sections of kneaded clay appearing on the surface of the ceramics.

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image Eiji Murofushi

Eiji Murofushi

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  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

MUROFUSHI mainly produces ceramics using translucent porcelain clay and applying the nerikomi* technique. *Addition of metal oxide to colour the clay

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