image Mumyoi dish with marbled flower design.

Mumyoi dish with marbled flower design.

Living National Treasures Sekisui Ito

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Mumyoi-yaki is a style of ceramics employing unique reddish clays extracted from the gold and silver mines of Sado Island in Niigata Prefecture.
In the neriage technique, several dozen layers of different colors of clay are piled up in such a way that when the clay is cut into round slices, the cross-sections form images of flowers, a huge number of which are assembled to form a large dish. This is then fired unglazed at a high temperature. It takes approximately three months to complete one of these pieces.
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Neriage is made by kneading together or piling up different colors of clay. All sorts of patterns can be produced depending on the method used to combine the clay colors, with cross-sections of kneaded clay appearing on the surface of the ceramics.

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Sekisui Ito

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  • / Full member, Japan Kogei Association

Mumyoi-yaki, the fine Japanese pottery made from reddish clay known as mumyoi. Producing the clay, the heart of Sado’s goldmine shares 200 years of history with people. Akamizu Kiln has a long ・・・

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